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Fulton Property Tax Assessments – Urgent Information

Fulton Property Tax Assessments – Urgent Information

Property owners in Fulton County should have received your 2018 Annual Notice of Assessment by now. Like many of you, I was quite surprised, even shocked, by the enormous jump in my property value.

To save our homeowners from these increases, earlier this year during Legislative Session, we passed bills that will provide solutions, those solutions require a vote in November and by law cannot apply to this year’s taxes. More on those solutions later – first to provide information to understand and appeal 2018 Assessment Notices.

Please see dates and links below:

Last day to appeal: July 6, 2018

To go directly to Online Appeal, click here.

To get helpful information about the assessment process, click here.
To understand assessments, play the video.
To read about exemptions available, play the video.
To better understand your Fulton County Property Assessment, click here.
For access the online appeal process, click here.

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